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About me



In service in the Carabinieri since 1981, I omit the biographical profiles for reasons of confidentiality and security. As a member of the Carabinieri, I hold the role of Intelligence Analyst dealing with endogenous and exogenous organised crime with transnational interests, in order to develop innovative strategies to optimise the fight against organised crime.

National expert for the Carabinieri in the area of organised crime for the former Soviet bloc and human trafficking, and have been accredited with various agencies of the United Nations and Europol.

Undercover operator to counteract international drug trafficking.

In the 1990s, I implemented, developed and participated in international investigations aimed at dismantling mafia-type criminal associations in Italy including those operating in international drug trafficking.

In the early 1980s, I was an agent of the Counter-terrorism Unit to counteract domestic terrorism with the task of initiating, developing and participating in national and international investigations aimed at dismantling terrorist and subversive organisations.



Degree in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation from the Sapienza University of Rome.

Master’s degree in Intelligence, security and crisis areas

Master’s degree in Criminology

Professional intermediate proficiency in English, professional intermediate proficiency in French, professional communicative proficiency in Russian



External expert consultant for Europol the European Police Office.

Member of The Global Initiative forum, an international organisation aimed at determining the best initiatives and strategies to counteract organised crime.

Professor of the “Geopolitical effects of crime” module of the Master’s course in Geopolitics “Chaos & Powers” organised by the Italian Geopolitics journal Limes and by the SIOE (Italian society for International Organisation).

My career has developed in the path of researching, studying and understanding organised crime and the issues to which it relates.

My studies have led me to carry out research and gain knowledge of the various forms, types, potential and threats of organised crime both today and in the future.

The main focus of this research is on the geopolitical aspects that organised crime is taking on in particular critical areas of the world, as well as its close and ongoing ties to terrorism and trends of insurgency.

In this area, I am carrying out a systematic study on the different forms of organised crime worldwide, in both their national and international aspects in order to understand its developments in terms of local impact and international geopolitical factors. The ultimate goal of this research is to contribute to an open discussion on how and why organised crime will continue to be a part of – and have significant negative effects on – our daily life, in certain cases having a strong resilience and ability to overcome any policy or activity deployed to combat it.

Degree in foreign languages and Cultural Mediation
Master in Intelligence, Security and Crisis Area
Master in Criminology