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The negotiations for Cyrenaica facilitates local criminal gangs and organizations

Cyrenaica has its proconsul: General Khalifa Haftar that ripped militarily (or has handed over) the oil crescent to Tobruk government seeing the Ibrahim Jadran militia  dissolve in the loudly silence of the desert .
The recent campaign of conquest of the various locations of the Gulf of Sirte, decisive for the Libyan oil economy, has been successfully carried out by the General Haftar virtually bloodless and already this fact indicates the existence of a compromise behind between all actors involved.
The militia guards under the control of the oil facilities and headed by Ibrahim Jadran, had no military support by Serraj dovernment  based in Tripoli  and supported by the West. In fact, it  is deeply engaged in the fight for  Sirte and at the same time the defense of the same Tripolitanian stronghold.
It seems clear, again and yet again, as beyond the foreign contingent commitments and the efforts they make, officially or not, Libya has the last word are and will be the local tribes. Jadran has bet on Tripoli, and vice versa, and lost by alienating the support of the tribal forces in Cyrenaica who now argue for a more solid and concrete block that is part of the General Haftar.
Digression: as for example in the Niger Delta in Nigeria, and even decide who really controls the exploitation of oil and Gas to settlements are the local tribes and their armed militias.
The agreement which we believe has in announcing the advance of the general in the Gulf of Sirte is an implicit confirmation of the declaration of the late September 14 with which the President of the House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh acknowledged General Haftar as "master of the field" . In short, the primary interest of restarting the Libyan economy is 80% dependent on oil and gas to be exported, a de facto agreement apparently is maturing. Agreement that unavoidably involves local tribes.
Now, these tribal forces as well as interest related to the exploitation of mineral deposits, especially in terms of security services, also have unpatriotic interests related to the control of the ports to continue to carry out various criminal trafficking in all well known.
Their price by withdrawing support for Jadran and then to Tripoli government  will have been too?


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