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Mafia and terrorism: the connections between organized crime and terrorism

Relations between sovereign states today are regulated under an international polarized and a-symmetrical context;  
the onset of phenomena are the natural response and local adaptation to special needs who can not find solution in the increasingly emptied of government policies of their national sovereignty and represent the key element of the "First Permanent World War".
A terrorist group is an entity that has in itself the precursors to develop into a subversive militia where circumstances permit, while a subversive group, revolutionary or insurgent, has already achieved this higher stage. An insurgent militia recoure to acts of terrorism as a political or military means.
But we have to consider, and here we return to our starting point, that an onset movement needs to be structured to operate in a given territory also having the vital need to escape the mesh of power which contrasts. For this to work it is essential to adopt an adequate logistics to the movement of militants, equipment, ammunition and supplies in general; all this happens on the territory and is costly. Here, these two aspects are already indicators of the importance and unavoidable necessity for any of onset form to get in touch with organized crime anywhere in the world controls the illegal trade channels -smuggling- through which you can find any goods and move everything, and do business with it directly in order to finance the huge costs that the onset of activity entails.
In this way, as history teaches us, it is welded to the political interests, those of the insurgents and those criminals. It is a physiological convergence that you can not, but above all it should not deny, diminish or even worse not detect.
The relationship between crime and the onset is embodied in the community of interests based on the conduct of criminal activities with impunity to the detriment, on the one hand public safety and other legal economy. The local crime provides the know how and the certainty of being able to act with the protection of the insurgents, the latter for their part share with criminals a number of assets ranging from international relations to military law enforcement capabilities in power, all in the hope reaching the political control of the reference country with common satisfaction. In these areas the control of criminals flows often amounts to the management of a significant slice of GDP, which translates into real economic power and therefore political and military.
In conclusion we can summarize by certifying the existence of a strong relationship that unites the common crime that is often politicized and radicalized that takes the local onset form by claiming the overthrow of the existing power and its replacement.

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