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From the sicilian bandit Salvatore GIULIANO to al- BAGHDADI: the war of puppets.

There are statements that the political leaders, at any latitude, repeat with natural indifference and the thing I always bothers a lot. 

Now, if the Roman Pontiff, after centuries, asks forgiveness for past mistakes freeing Galileo Galilei by a few thousand years of purgatory I appreciate: I believe in a process that led the Holy Mother Church to repentance. But I can no longer tolerate the posthumous admissions of having lied for example about the reasons that led to the recent Middle Eastern wars or, perhaps even worse, to hear: they are out of our hand. 


These two themes are clearly closely linked and are specific to this stage of international politics that sees a number of national actors engaged in a strategic repositioning yes in part due to a redesign of the Cold War, but above all to the advent of new world powers such as China and India, the new role of Iran and Turkey, and finally, to bubbling black continent. 


The last thing to do in such a context open to information, which as controlled is not entirely controlled, it is resorting to nonsense to justify foreign policy actions.
Take the example of the war against the Afghan Taliban, al-Qaeda of Osama bin Laden and fighters of the Islamic State group's of new caliph. It 'clear that these groups will never be defeated militarily until the social causes are not removed which allow their survival. 


Everywhere, from Libya, indeed, to the truth, almost the entire African continent is interested in this phenomenon, to Afghanistan and most of Asia, not to abuse continuing to quote the Middle East, people, communities, people today are dissatisfied with their standard of living and, in some cases, more and more they succumb to the lure of charmer on duty who promises their ransom or heaven after death. This is the main difference compared to the past, the uncontrollable increase in the supply of manpower to those terrorist and insurgent phenomena that we just regarded as the oxen that left the corral. 


The liquid modernity has also changed these parameters; the espionage and counter-intelligence manuals need to be updated, they can still create militias and onset phenomena for their own foreign policy interests, but it would be stupid to think to contain the development over time, they are indeed destined to survive for themselves for the reason mentioned before 


Conceive of foreign policy instruments of this kind does not escape of hand never under any circumstances. And 'more likely and logical that, left to themselves someone take advantage of it; and today, unlike in the past, they are no longer exclusively national states who take advantage but also the legal and illicit Points of Interest creating unmanageable situations. Unless this is the ultimate goal. 

Towards the end of World War II, Sicily, occupied by the allies, found itself once again in its history, at risk of a dangerous fault history. The aristocracy, the landowners, the bourgeoisie and even once mafia, as in step unification of Italy found themselves in agreement in recourse to the blackmail of separatism to pressure both sull'alleato what the new political forces which already stirred for build the future of Italy free and post-fascist. 


The history of EVIS and Giuliano is emblematic and I would say teaching. Once retracted the danger of land reforms and the Communist Party victory in the elections of 1948, thanks also to the massacre of Portella of Ginestre (1947), having obtained from the central state guarantees the confirmation of the special administration in large autonomy regime for the region, not serving more as needed, Giuliano is killed. 


These people and organizations do not escape out of hand, they are created, are used and destroy. The question is this paradigm is still valid today? We are sure that building foreign policy weapons of this kind is still at no cost? If we believe it we continue to practice it, but at least we do not rent to posthumously repentance. 



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