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The collapse of the empires.

Adrianople, August 9 378 d.c., the Emperor Valens died in the homonymous battle against the Goths supported to deal with the revolt and the Empire's invasion. From that day the Roman Empire will be else than in the past: start the barbarian invasions.

The Ammianus report brings us the tragic crossing of the Danube by the Goths in any medium of luck, often prey of the current of the river impetuous that was claiming innocent victims among those migrants.


Those who succeeded in crossing the river were victims of the rapacity of the rulers of the province, governors Lupicinus and Massimo, who exploited in any way the migrants also buying up the funds allocated by the emperor to the emergency management at the borders.


The generals, keepers of the various refugee camps host in which the Goths had been confined, were selling a very high price to migrants Goths the same commodity to them free of charge designed so that they were forced to sell their children as slaves to the same Roman soldiers.


As had already happened in the past could have been, and the emperor wanted this, continue the integration policy of the tribes of the Goths in the empire, creating new taxpayers and soldiers, always useful especially when the Persians drove from east .


But it did not because of the greed of local officials and the interests of governors and generals and of other Goths.

In his commentary on the Gospel of Luke, Bishop Ambrose direct witness of those events, he writes: Huns have risen against the Alans, the Alans against the Goths, the Goths against Tifali and the Sarmatians. Short narrative that reveals a momentous landslide at the turn of the fifth century in Europe.



Re-read this passage in the history of an Empire and the beginning of its end proposes a fee today more than ever: replace the names of the characters, the Empires and places and you will have the same dynamics that today draw the international geopolitical framework in particular regarding closer Europe.

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