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The sublimination of capitalism and human traffiking english paper moon lyrics buy custom written reports for law school History is marking a new starting point in the evolution of human society. The new cycle now reveals its features. Among these the most important, interesting and dangerous relates to the role of the human being. best cv writing services uk Overwhelmed or still in rapid decline is the human rights season considered universal. That time, which began to lose the driving force in conjunction with JFK's murder, nowadays no longer has any strength. doctoral dissertation writing help english creative The subsequent transformation of Western man into consumer has depleted all the strength and reason of being in the contemporary world oriented to the automation of labor, abstraction of capital and consequent alienation of the very concept of human being as a subject of rights.

Professional Resume Writing Services Quincy Ma Many may be the themes useful to refine these conclusions, but I confine myself to one single reflection: the figure of the migrant, no longer referable to the old twentieth-century emigrant / immigrant relationship, in an uncontrollable  demographic planet’s growth has assumed the economic function equal to that of any commodity.

The phenomena of slavery and the management of immigration we know belong to a completely different past, and they had a different function, different and defined purposes, in short, just serving the dominant economic model.

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essay custom writing Today, the migrant is a commodity itself, a means of increasing social struggles through the fear of someone unknown, the dangerous reduction of the  social rights, and finally as a foreign policy weapon. standout essays writing service In the close future, I will analyze the multiple failures of European policies aimed at controlling Mediterranean flows and the effects on migrant traffickers.

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