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Terror attaks & Messages: From Falcone to Manchester

Modern terrorism, at least in Europe, has dropped its mask artfully connoted by the Islamic veil, freeing itself away from what seemed to be its main feature or to sow terror by punishing the impure and unpopular West and destabilizing it to impose Then an order dictated by the Prophet.

It appears, today more than ever, that terrorist acts only aim to convey messages that someone are exchanging from afar.
Speaking of recent attacks in England, it is clear that there is something to be said and a lot to do in that country and country. We only recall two things: Brexit and ANTICIPATE Elections. The previous message launched with the attack near the English Parliament had no effect or deserved an answer that came with this last cowardly gesture.

These days we repeat the confusing and annoying ritual of the events of Capaci in Sicily were was murder the Italian prosecutor Giovanni Falcone. And then let's remember local to the massacres that follow. Even then, it was only violent messages that conglomerate power exchanged at a distance in search of an equilibrium that could be the basis of the years to follow.

So who sends a message to whom? P.P. Pasolini wrote: not the evidence but I know. But I can say socratically: I know I do not know. Let's figure out then if I can talk about evidence. Of course it is my idea that I am made but this would not add anything to the meaning of this script. However, it is certain that these contemporary-style attacks are exactly what they are: messages.

It is necessary to emphasize this key of the terrorism of our times in order to avoid falling into the trap of the terrorist equation = ISIS.

The Islamic State itself is a mere instrument of the desire of those who created it and exalted its power.

I will repeat that the phenomenon of onset and terrorism, like the mafias of various kinds, can be easily defeated and if that does not happen it is for two orders of reason: economic the first, tactical the second. Various terrorisms and various mafios create cash coins and provide good "postmarks" to resort to sending messages whenever the case requires it.

Then I want to talk about how the various mafia or terrorist organizations are created because if a system works it is obvious that it needs to be powered. But let's take a step at a time, I'm in no hurry.

P.S. I would start to distrust those who resort to the iconography of St. Falcone-Borsellino: they are not sincere.

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