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Islamic State in Afghanistan.

The BBC with a whole British timing informs us that the Islamic State has been defeated, at least in its capital Mosul.


A timing that is reminiscent of what is happening in these hours in Brussels in the rooms of the NATO headquarters, where, among other things in a plenary session, is discussed the theme of Afghanistan. I remember that it is still in force for two years, the Resolute Support operation for a contingent of 13,450 men, about half of Americans, engaged in regular Afghan army training.


After 17 years of war on the ground the situation is exactly that of 2001 because the Taliban, now the second generation of students trained in madrasas in the tribal area Bordering on Pakistan, resumed exactly the same territories from which they were expelled in 2001 with the support of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the Lion's of the Northern Alliance, who was killed when no longer needed; The time for the Enduring Freedom mission had come.

A continuous failure.


At the press conference held yesterday by the Secretary General of the Alliance of North Atlantic Treaty, Jens Stoltenberg has informed that fifteen NATO members have already promised to send new men and troops, as the situation on the ground is deteriorating: well woke up. Indeed, for some time the operations have assumed a more warlike character, as demonstrated by the operation against 82-member fighter of the Islamic State bombarded by the MOAB as confirmed at a press conference by the speaker Of the White House.

But is the Islamic State down there?


Yes it is and since long ago, since the birth of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, he considers Afghanistan a province of his caliphate, the Khorasan, which stretches to understand Pakistan, so it would not be surprising that having suffered a strong pressure in Syria and Iraq has moved in time where it feels protected, precisely in Afghanistan.

So we went back to the starting point, where it all began on October 7, 2001 when the wave of the attack on the twin towers in New York started off for the War on the Evil.


It would be easy to smile in finding that dead and money have not served anything, perhaps; Or rather, they certainly did not serve to defeat the Evil, and that money and dead are flaunted.

However this is the state of the art.

As Italy, If, as it seems logical, we will be called upon to make our military contribution, please can  someone ask in return for help on the migrant dossier?

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